Meet Morgan

Morgan Henderson

Espresso drink of choice: Hazelnut latte

Home Brewing Method: Pour over or drip brew


If you prefer your latte with a double shot of southern sass, Morgan Henderson has you covered. This effervescent barista hesitantly dipped her toe in the espresso arena after first turning up her nose at it.

“I loathed coffee,” Morgan said. “My mom always had it in the morning. I would try it, but I hated it so much.”

Years later, after Morgan began working at the Barnes and Noble cafe, she changed her mind.

“That’s when I started drinking coffee, and I just fell in love with,” she said.

Morgan joined The Blend & Co. crew in Nov. 2017 after years of regular visits to the cafe with her now-husband, Cole. The two would sip lattes while reading or catching up after school. They were serious regulars.

Now, Morgan feels just as at home behind the bar.

“My favorite thing about The Blend is the environment, not just between us and the customers, but among the staff,” she said. “It’s really like a sisterhood.”


Written by Katy Canada.