When customers come to The Blend, they can expect two things: delicious coffee and a friendly face.

General Manager Tiffani Allred is the driver of this consistency.

The Burlington native left her accounting job to join The Blend & Co. in 2017. In her two years ofguiding the staff and serving the community, Tiffani has expanded her knowledge of coffee and cultivated a joyful, inclusive environment for staff and the public.

"It's more about the atmosphere and the people there," she said. "It's had a bigger impact than just coffee."

Tiffani takes pride in connecting people over a cup of coffee and a conversation.

"Some of my favorite customer interactions are when you see regulars come in, and they sit at the bar with people that they wouldn't have known or ever met if it weren't for The Blend," she said.

This summer, Tiffani will shed her many hats and move on to the next phase of her life in Asheville. Her departure, though bittersweet, is a testament to her vast range of skills, ability to form connections with people and generate community wherever she goes. The Blend & Co. staff is thrilled to celebrate Tiffani's next chapter, but we will miss her kindness, incredible problem-solving capacity and tremendous presence behind the bar.

"The Blend has taught me that work doesn't have to be just your job," she said. "It can be your family. It can teach you how to love better and how to be more vulnerable with people, which in turn helps me to care for people better."

Good luck, Tiffani. We will miss you.